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The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program Special Limited Time Offer


PLEASE NOTE ALL OF THE DVD'S AND BOOKS ARE DIGITAL PRODUCT ONLY, THEY WILL BE SENT AS A DIGITAL LINK. THE BALL AND BAND ARE PHYSICAL PRODUCTS SO WE WILL SEND THESE IN THE MAIL. Dear fellow back pain sufferer, If you’re searching for the single best method to cure your back pain then this w...

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Dear fellow back pain sufferer,
If you’re searching for the single best method to cure your back pain then this will be one of the most exciting messages you ever read.
Because in the next few moments I’m going to show you my back pain cure that has worked for almost every person I’ve taught it to.
I’m going to reveal the likely reason your back hurts right now.
And by the end of this short message you’ll have the opportunity to get this cure for yourself.
I’m a back pain specialist that has worked with back pain sufferers for over 30 years.
One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is they feel they can’t be happy until they’re healthy.
Their back pain is a constant ... annoying ... painful reminder that their health isn’t where it should be.
And it’s that one nagging thing that hinders their ability to truly enjoy their lives.
As one of my clients put it:
“Everything else takes a back seat when your back hurts. It’s just a miserable way to have to live!”
Let’s face it…
Back pain is downright IRRITATING.
It’s a dark cloud that follows you everywhere you go ... and for some of us, it even affects daily basics like tying our shoes or balancing while putting on a pair of pants!
But despite the pain you may be suffering…
Despite the sleepless nights … lack of ability to do what you want … and constant nagging...
There's a very simple solution.
This solution is so simple, in fact, you’re going to get REALLY EXCITED when you hear it.  
You see...
The vast majority of back pain — I’d say something like 95% — is a byproduct of our modern lives.  
We work all day ... drive in cars ... and do things that are IDEAL to take our spine out of alignment.
These things cause the shortening of our muscles. And eventually that shortening pulls our bones out of position.
Then, other muscles have to compensate, and before long your back is in a constant state of discomfort.     
More often than not, the solution is to stretch these muscles IN THE RIGHT WAY.
Then — once your body is back in balance — to strengthen supporting muscles to keep everything locked in place.
How much time commitment is required, you ask?
That's the best news!
Not much at all!
The truth is, these exercises are so easy you can do them before you go to work ... while you work ... or after you get home (and for you parents out there, after you put the kids to bed!)
This back pain protocol contains everything you need to get rid of your back pain PERMANENTLY.
It’s based on the latest cutting edge back pain science as well as my own experience of over 30 years in the industry.
It unveils fiercely guarded secrets that chiropractors ... surgeons ... and physical therapists don’t want you to know.
It goes many levels deeper than any other program on the market (that usually only give short-term fixes and band aides that don’t last).  
And unlike a chiropractor, your back won’t pop out of place again 10 minutes after your treatment.
This program embodies dozens of years …. thousands of patients … and more success stories than you and I could ever count.
It truly is my master work.
And I’m proud to show it to you today because I believe it represents the pinnacle of back pain cures.
So here’s my unbreakable promise to you...
When you invest in this program today, you’ll have all the tools you need to get rid of your back pain and have a body that feels like you’re 20 years old again.
You’ll be able to get through your day without pain...
Sleep through the night without discomfort…
And do all the things you want to do without being held back by spasms … soreness … and irritation.
Your posture will improve … your waistline will slim … and you’ll get your mobility back.
People will ask you what’s changed.
And you’ll feel like you just got a new body.
Most importantly though, you’ll be happy again.
You’ll be able to enjoy your life and do all the things you love most!
The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program is Divided into 3 Modules. These 3 Modules Address The “Trifecta of Back Pain” Which Are:
Shortened Muscles (Module 1)
A Weak Core (Module 2)
Weak Supporting Muscles (Module 3)
First, in Module 1, which is aptly called: “Secret Back Pain Cure,” you’ll learn to stretch the muscles most commonly responsible for back pain.
Due to our modern lifestyles, key muscles in our back shorten and become tight and restricted.
This draws our bones closer together resulting in poor posture … poor range of motion … loss of movement at the joint … poor functionality … and ultimately pain and discomfort.
The stretches outlined in this video are designed to work in unison.
They systematically elongate the muscles, thus allowing the bones to sit in a neutral position.
This improves functionality thereby reducing stiffness and pain.
Many of my patients feel relief from the very first session.
Imagine having a big portion of your back pain disappear RIGHT NOW!
That’s what you’ll experience when you start with this program today.  
  • In this video you’ll learn to stretch all the key muscles in your back in an essential sequence. Many of my clients say this module is BLISS because it immediately eases pain that has been pestering them for years.
  • You’ll pull your rib cage away from your pelvis, resulting in a slimmer waistline while easing ‘referred pain’ to the lower back, hips and buttocks.
  • You’ll relax tight muscles in the hips and pelvis and take pressure off the sciatic nerve — relieving any shooting pain in the glutes, hips, and legs.  
  • You’ll learn how to correctly stretch the quads which will ease both knee AND back pain. Also increasing blood circulation resulting in more energy and a better mood.
  • You’ll elongate your hamstrings to release your pelvis from your knees ... correcting roundness in the upper back ... relieving tension in the upper back, neck, and shoulder area ... and even addressing TMJ dysfunction!
  • You’ll stretch your biceps, triceps, and chest which are often the culprits of neck and shoulder problems. These stretches will ease your shoulder blades back into their neutral position and relieve tension in your trapezius muscles, rhomboids, and scapula.
  • You’ll also get your choice of 4 short programs for the busy person (these take just a few minutes). Each of the programs are short, concise, and customizable to your exact symptoms and areas of pain.
  • And much much more...
All the stretches in Module 1 work together to bring your body into its natural balance.  
And like a complex timepiece, when everything is working together smoothly, your body can function how it was originally designed — just like it did when you were a child.
NEXT, in Module 2, You’ll Learn The Essential Process of Strengthening Your CORE.
Many people don’t realize that one of the core muscles is a wide band of muscle that wraps around your back, giving it support and protecting it from harm.
When you strengthen your core it’s like being wrapped with a tight, comfortable band.
It immediately relieves pressure and supports your back with everything you do (imagine a weight-lifting belt).
Strengthening the core not only gets rid of back pain, but it slims the waistline and flattens your abdomen.

In this Module, which is called “Core for Life,” I’ll show you…

  • The speedy way to harness the amazing power in your core toget results so fast it will amaze and dazzle you.
  • How to harness the all-important pelvic floor muscles. And how to engage them to give yourself a rock solid foundation for your back.
  • The jealously guarded routine finally revealed to me after 15 years as a back pain specialist. This exercise QUICKLY strengthens key internal muscles in the mid-back (the multifidus muscle & erector spinae).This movement not only works fast to relieve back pain, but it feels amazing to do it!
  • How to target the transverse muscle — the “belt” that wraps around your back – and how this exercise will skyrocket your progress since most of us NEVER engage this muscle in our daily lives.
  • The “leg extension & lift” movement that calls upon the small supporting muscles in your core and lower back.This strengthens supplementary muscles which hold your lower back in place and immediately reduces lower back pain.
  • The 3 exercises that call upon stabilizing muscles to remember their role in your body.You’ll be amazed at how much difference waking up stabilizing muscles will make with your back pain.
  • And so much more I don’t have time to tell you about here...


And Finally, in Module 3, You’ll Reeducate Opposing Muscles That Have Forgotten Their Role in the Body. This is The Video That WillKEEP YOUR BACK PAIN FREE For The Rest of Your Life

This is where the program kicks into high gear!

Because curing your back pain for the long haul requires not only stretching, butmuscle strengthening & reeducation.

Here’s a good example…

Many of us have tight trapezius muscles (the muscles that stretch horizontally from your neck to your shoulders).

When that muscle is tight, our instinct is to stretch it. But that’s actually the opposite of what we should do.

Instead, we need to STRENGTHEN IT.

That’s because it’s constantly being pulled by its opposing muscle (in this case the chest), so it’s not strong enough to stay in its proper position.  

So Module 3 — named“Secret Back Pain Cure 2” — takes you through a fun, 30 minute exercise routine to strengthen all the key muscles in your back in the quickest way possible.

In This Module, You’ll Discover:


  • How to “roll the spine” and pop, Pop, POP each vertebrae through the full movement. This is ecstasy for people who have tightness and limited mobility in their spine.

    • How to circle the legs to create mobility in the hip socket and pelvis, releasing pressure and tightness between the upper legs and lower back.
    • How to encourage rotation in the thoracic vertebra,loosening tightness that in some people has been locked up for years.
    • The easiest hamstring stretch you’ll possibly ever do. And why this stretch immediately releases the drag put on the pelvis to neutralize one of the biggest causes of back pain.
    • How to stay in “neutral spine,” and why doing sore-educates your muscles to maintain that healthy posture in your day to day life.
    • The 3 exercises that call upon stabilizing muscles to remember their role in your body.You’ll be shocked at how much difference waking up stabilizing muscles will make with your back pain.


  • How to strengthen the Multifidus muscle which is perhaps the most important stabilization muscle you have in your spine.  

    • How to bend correctly with the navel drawn towards the spine activating the core abdominals and hinging at the pelvis. This movement relieves pressure off the lower back and gives you a new way to move correctly in your day to day life.

    I wish I had time to share all the amazing benefits of this program.

    But if I did that, we’d be here all day.

    So for now, all I’ll say is this…

    This ISN’T another program that teaches you a few basic stretches you can easily watch on Youtube...

    This ISN’T another program about a “newly found miracle strategy” based on lose science and empty hype...

    And this certainly ISN’T another program that will give you a handful of elementary strategies and when they don’t work I shrug my shoulders and say:“Win some lose some.”


    This is the only program on the market written by a back pain specialist who has made back pain her single-minded obsession for the last 30 years.

    ...It’s the only program written by a professional who knows exactly what it takes to CURE the vast majority of back pain issues.

    ...And it’s the only program that reveals my entire anthology of secrets to bring your back into balance in the QUICKEST, EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE


    “Back pain is my passion. And helping people is my purpose.


    It’s my belief that when you commit yourself to something with a full heart ... with the genuine desire to help people who are suffering  … then the people who need you most will find you.


    You’re reading this letter today because you might be one of those people.


    And I sincerely want you to experience what curing your back pain will do for your life and for your happiness.


    If you give me the chance to prove it to you, I promise I have everything you need to relieve your back pain once and for all.


    And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”


    -Cheryl Alker  

    Look, Here’s a Brutal Truth…

    Your back pain isn’t just going to “go away on its own.”

    Actually, it’s the opposite.

    Back pain is one of those things that gets worse and worse.

    One misalignment creates the next … one pain leads to another … and before you know it you’re beyond help.

    Far too often I’ve seen people “tough it out,” and the next thing you know they’re taking drugs just to keep upright … or worse … they need expensive surgery.  

    So I have to ask…

    How much would it be worth to cure your back pain once and for all?



    The truth is, people just like you are losing tens of thousands of dollars because of back problems they neglected for too long.

    And hiring me as your 1 on 1 coach would cost you $150 an hour.

    Needless to say, curing your back pain can be an expensive endeavor.

    So the smartest thing you can do is get a professional on your sideright from the start.  

    Since I’m that expert — and since I LOVE helping fellow back pain sufferers like you — I’m going to make you a limited time special promotional offer.

    Having me personally guide you through all the secrets I reveal in this program would require roughly 8 hours of teaching — or the equivalent of $1200.

    But you're not going to pay $1200 for"The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program."

    In fact, I’m not even going to ask you to pay a fraction of that!

    Since you’ve shown your sincere desire to improve by reading this far into my letter, I’m going to give you access toall my secrets for only $59.

    That really is a small amount.  

    Especially when you consider you’re getting a program that has over a 90% chance of working for you (based on the success of my previous clients).

    And particularly worth it because you’re about to make your pain a thing of the past!  

    EVERYTHING you need to cure your back pain is right here in this program.  

    But you'll have to act RIGHT NOW.

    I’m testing price points, and $59 is the lowest I’m going.

    The next time you land on this page it’s likely the program will be more expensive.

    So to get your back pain cure right now, simply click the “Add to Cart” button NOW!   

    And of Course, This Program Comes with My Ironclad, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    I’m so confident you’ll be blown away by this program that I’m going to shoulder ALL THE RISK of your investment today.  

    That means if my protocol doesn’t cure your back pain once for all…

    If it doesn’t give you a new lease on life where you can FINALLY focus on your happiness (rather than the constant pain)…

    And if you don’t write me an excited email telling me how happy you are to finally be pain free…

    Then I don’t want your money.

    I’ll dig into my own pockets and buy the program back from you. No questions asked.

    And what’s to lose?

    You have a full 60 DAYS to try it out.  

    If you don’t absolutely love it, then just send me a quick 5 second email and I’ll refund your money.

    I’ve done everything I could to make this a 100% risk free investment for you!  

    So can you think of any reason not to getThe Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program today?

    Then don’t wait one minute longer!


    Click the "Add to Cart" button below and give yourself the gift of a healthy, flexible, strong back.

    And let your pain and anguish be a thing of the past

    And Just to Make This an Even Easier Decision for You, I’m Going to Include 4 Special Bonuses!

    First, you’re going to get my popular“Back Cure Kit” which includes my branded fitness ball ... pump ... and heavy duty resistance band.  

    Designed specifically for this program, these handy accessories will assist your exercises and get you the results you’re looking for in the quickest time possible.

    Your ball and band will ship immediately after your purchase. And don’t worry, you can still start the program while you wait for your accessories to land on your doorstep!

    This kit usually sells for $17.85 + shipping.  


    Next, you’re going to get my program:The Power of Breath.”

    It’s easy to underestimate the importance of oxygen, but it’s the most vital nutrient for our bodies.

    It’s essential for the health of our brains ... nerves ... glands … and internal organs.

    The average person reaches peak respiratory function and lung capacity in their mid 20’s, then they begin to lose it by up to 25% for every decade of life.  

    So, unless you’re doing something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline (and with it, your general health and life expectancy).

    In this little gem of a book, I’ll show you highly effective breathing strategies to benefit every part of your body — resulting in reduced wrinkles ... a clearer mind ... more vitality ... a strengthened immune system ... and an overall better mood and life expectancy.

    Retail price $9.95.YOURS FREE with your order today!

    And if those two weren’t enough, I’m also throwing in my wildly popular book,“Long Lean and Lifted.”

    This is the same book you’ve heard about … the one that’s so in-demand with my clients a hardcover addition is soon to be released.  

    Utilizing cutting edge sports technology, this program will show you specific techniques to elongate your spine ... straighten your neck ... and bring your posture into optimal alignment.

    It shows you how to get that long, lean,attractivelook we all desire.

    Retail price for the eBook addition is $9.95.

    But it’sYOURS FREE when you get your back relief program today.


    You’re going to get the eBook version of module 1,“Secret Back Pain Cure.”

    Many of my clients like to reference the stretches featured in Module 1, so I put together this book for quick reference of all the essential stretches.

    It will help you speed through your routines once you’ve got a firm grasp on the techniques outlined in the video.

    Retail price: $9.95.

    YOURS FREE when you invest in yourself today!

    So Let’s Review What You Get by Ordering Now…

    • “The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program” that will give you everything you need to extinguish your pain once for all and keep your back healthy for the rest of your life.

    Retail price $


    • My high quality “fitness ball, pump, and heavy duty resistance band” to be used during many of the essential exercises in the program.

    Retail price $17.95


    • “The Power of Breath” book that will teach you how to breath for cleansing ... clarity ... rejuvenation ... and optimal health.    

    Retail price $9.95


    • “Long Lean and Lifted” that will show you how to elongate your spine and stretch your core muscles to give you a healthier, leaner, sexier look — whether you’re a man or a woman!  

    Retail price $9.95


    • “Secret Back Pain Cure” eBook edition.This book outlines all the stretches in module 1 with clear diagrams and follow-up explanations for quick reference during your stretching routines.  

    Retail price $9.95


    • My 60-day, no fuss, no hassle, ironclad satisfaction guarantee




    Retail price: $


    So if this all sounds like a fair deal — and I think you’ll agree it is — then just click the “Instant Access” button below.

    Within seconds you’ll have the answer to relieve your back pain FOR GOOD.

    And remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

    Either this program takes away your vicious back pain. Or you get all your money back.

    What could be safer than that!?!

    So try my program. Put it to the test.

    I guarantee it has exactly what you need to get your life backonce and for all!

    Wishing you health and happiness,

    Cheryl Alker

    P.S. Remember, the vast majority of back pain is caused by the shortening & weakening of your muscles. This program is designed to stretch key muscles in a very specific way so your bones can ease back into their natural alignment. It then strengthens those muscles to maintain that alignment — allowing you have a healthy back for the rest of your life. With this program at your side, not only will you cure your back pain once and for all, you’ll get the relief you’re looking for in far less time than you think!  

    *This program is for back pain caused by muscular imbalances which represents the vast majority of back pain sufferers. Consult your doctor first before committing to any kind of back pain program.


  • This program seems really in-depth. But then you say I just need a few minutes a day?

  • It’s true that the program is very in-depth. But it’s also true that you don’t need much time to do it. The system allows you to choose your own level of involvement; So you can use it to simply get yourself out of pain, or you can use it to become a model of back health and vitality. I encourage you to go through the whole program at least one time first. Each module is 30-60 minutes, so I suggest 30 minutes a day for roughly 5 days. After that, you can “cherry pick” the exercises you love most and create your own daily program. You’ll know which exercises are best for you, because they’re the ones that will feel the best! I offer some streamlined program templates, but every individual knows their body best, so I give you everything you’ll need and I trust you’ll pick the exercises best for your specific situation. Some of my clients exercise 5 minutes a day. Others do 30 minutes. You’ll know exactly what’s best for you once you start to see the results.

    2) Will I receive DVDs or this a digital product? How about the ball and fitness band?

    Your videos and eBooks are digital, so they’ll be instantaneously accessible to you. The ball, pump, and band will be shipped immediately to your address of choice. Many of the exercises do not require the ball or band, so you can start feeling better within just a few minutes of your purchase!


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