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The Back Pain Relief Kit

Six premium products that relieve upper, lower, neck and sciatic pain. The Back Pain Relief Kit includes 3 DVD's, a 9inch fitness ball, pump, bag, heavy duty extra long resistance band and Ebook.

If you are searching for a comprehensive natural approach to dealing with your back pain look no further than The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Kit by 24Seven Wellness & Living.
First we start with The Secret Back Pain Cure DVD, a pure flexibility program that highlights the fact that short tight muscles could be causing your back, neck and shoulder pain.
The DVD is clear and easy to follow giving you an effective at home program that puts you back in control of your back pain.
The second DVD included is The Core for Life DVD, a pure core program designed specifically for back pain sufferers.
Postural alignment specialist, Cheryl Alker unravels the mysteries of achieving a powerful and stable core, so you are able to enjoy life with a strong and healthy back, improved posture and superior levels of balance and strength.
Her teaching methods are clear and concise making the program easy to follow whether you have a fitness background or not.
This DVD introduces a very unique method called the "internal lift" which teaches you how to pull your stomach in to make a wall.
Secret Back Pain Cure 2 - After following the first two steps of the program your back is ready to be re-educated. This DVD takes you through a laser sharp back strengthening program that re-teaches the back muscles their role in the body providing you with a back that is strong and secure in it’s ability to stabilize.
Both DVD’s incorporate a small fitness ball and heavy duty resistance band so we also provide you with your own ball, pump and band.
As if that wasn’t enough we have also included the Secret Back Pain Cure Ebook which provides you with an at hand visual tool of the stretches included in the Secret Back Pain Cure DVD.
Suitable for all levels of fitness, from novice to advanced.
The DVD's are just over 1 hour in length each.
We send your Back Pain Relief Kit in a 24Seven Wellness & Living bag which you can use to carry your ball.