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Small 9 Inch Pilates Ball with Pump by 24Seven Wellness and Living; Anti-Burst Bender Balls are Ideal for Workouts Such as Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Core Strength and Myofascial Therapy

  • ✅ TESTED AND USED BY PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS - Our ball is preferred by many professional trainers and used extensively in Pilates, Yoga and Barre Studios due to its' quality heavy duty non toxic PVC anti burst properties.
  • ✅ SOFT BUT STURDY - Feel secure in the knowledge our bender ball is incredibly sturdy, yet soft so will literally mold into your body leaving you feeling safe and secure whilst exercising.
  • ✅ INCLUDES COMPLIMENTARY PUMP - Inflate your 9Inch fitness ball in minutes with the included pump. You will find the many other balls for sale only provide you a small plastic straw to inflate your ball! This is cumbersome, leaves you out of breath, takes forever to inflate and the straw is so small it is easily lost! You will have none of these issues with our easy to use and find pump.
  • ✅ WILL NOT POP! - Worrying about your ball literally popping beneath you during an exercise can be a real worry. Our anti-burst bender ball is safe and resistant to high pressure so you can feel confident of it's ability to support you during any type of exercise.
  • ✅ BONUS FEATURES - Not only do we provide you with a pump you small ball comes with it's own travel tote so you can easily transport it to your pilates, yoga, barre or ab workout classes. It also comes with access to our 77 page fully illustrated flexibility program and our wellness channel featuring exercises using our ball. 

You Will Get:-

9Inch Small Pilates Ball

Small Hand Held Pump

Tote Bag Carries Ball Inflated

Professional grade ball as featured in our fitness workout DVD series Secret Back Pain Cure and our core strength workout Core for Life.

Loved by Pilates professionals, Yoga and Barre instructors for it's studio quality heavy duty non toxic PVC anti burst properties.

What can you use this mini exercise ball for?

HOME WORKOUT - a great piece of equipment for your home gym. Whilst this ball is small in size it really adds a big punch to your workouts!

ALL TYPES OF EXERCISES - this bender ball adds diversity and challenge to your barre, pilates, yoga, abdominal and core strength classes.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY - Physical therapists use our ball for myofascial release and body rolling techniques to improve mobility, flexibility, posture, sciatica, back pain and arthritis. You now have the same ball!

SAFE - you can rest assured that the anti-burst properties of this small ball means it is safe for people of all shapes and sizes and will not pop beneath you!

EXTRA BONUS - 24Seven Wellness and Living give you exclusive access to our wellness channel. The channel includes videos of exercises using the ball so that you are able to add diversity to your at home workout. This complimentary service will also guide you through inflation instructions of the small fitness ball and various stretching exercises as well as some amazing core strength exercises

Access to our video channel is provided when you receive your ball as well as details on how to receive a free back pain relief Ebook

AMAZING DEAL - 9Inch small exercise ball, hand held pump, tote travel bag, access to wellness channel, stretching Ebook. To recieve all of this simply go to Add to Cart NOW!