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24Seven Wellness and Living Adorable Pack of Squeaky Dog Toys This Value Packed Bundle Includes 3 Soft Plush No Stuffing Toys with Squeakers Plus 1 Stuffed Duck and a Cute Tug Rope and Ball Toy

  • 🐶 #1 LARGE DOG TOYS! These dog toys are obviously suitable for all ages and sizes of dogs but our unstuffed toys may be more durable if your dog loves to rip out the stuffing from toys.
  • ❤️ 5 DOG TOYS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Each set includes 3 no stuffing toys with 3 squeakers per toy 1 plush stuffed duck 1 rope ball toy and as an extra bonus for your pet we have added a roll of dog waste bags
  • 🐶 #1 SHAKING TOYS!— Did you know your best friend loves the tactile stimulation of the toy hitting the sides of their face? Watch your dog's face light up as he or she shakes our plush no stuffing toys!
  • ❤️ MADE WTH SAFE MATERIALS! Large dogs love to pull stuffing and squeakers out of toys; it's half the fun! Please supervise your pet during play.
  • 🐶 GENTLE ON YOUR PUPPY'S MOUTH - Puppies still have their baby teeth, so our plush toys with snugly fabric make a great fit for their developing gums. Plush toys are also a great option to give them to snuggle up with at night.