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24Seven Wellness and Living Bio

Cheryl Alker - Founder & CEO

24Seven Wellness & Living is the natural brand that delivers products and knowledge so you are able to enjoy an active and pain free life. We provide natural superior quality pain relief solutions, not in the form of supplements or pills, but self-help devices and programs that you can use or do at home.  

Our programs, delivered in the form of videos, ebooks and training courses, will give you step by step guides on how to regain mobility without pain.  Our products will enhance the experience by offering you physical tools to help you on your journey to a pain free life. 

Your body will no longer feel the stiffness and pain that inhibits everyday movements but instead you will function with an ease and quality of movement that will make you feel and move like your younger self. No longer will the pain you feel impair your movements or be etched on your face. Everyday tasks will become easier, your body will want to exercise again, energy and motivation will improve and that feeling of depression that accompanies immobility and constant pain will become a thing of the past. You will finally be able to enjoy your life fully as you age. 

Our products are developed by our founder and CEO, Cheryl Alker who has over 35 years experience in the health and wellbeing industry.  She has a proven track record in finding natural and effective solutions to people’s mobility and joint issues no matter what fitness level or age.

Her own personal journey from a 21 year old first setting out teaching in the fitness boom, and now living pain free well into her late 50’s has given her a unique insight into a body that understands “quality of movement.” Her body has moved easily and fluidly in her younger years to a body today that still moves fluidly even though she has suffered the wear and tear of an extra 30 plus years.

Cheryl believes that your body should not be a mystery to you and provides educational products backed by science and her immense knowledge gained from working with literally thousands of people just like you.  Her own body’s limitations and that of her clients have led us to providing programs and products that will work for you.

Can you check any of these boxes?

Is pain and stiffness affecting your everyday life?

Does the pain keep you awake at night?

Does your pain or general stiffness impede everyday movement, making simple tasks difficult to complete?

Is your pain as a result from an old injury that never totally healed and is now making an unwelcome return in the form of nerve discomfort or pain?

Were you a top class athlete who literally pounded your joints through repetitive movement patterns?

Are you a sedentary office worker suffering from the ravages being made on your body in the form of neck and back pain due to sitting for prolonged hours?

Do you suffer with continual headaches, TMJ dysfunction, poor energy levels or poor posture?

Cheryl’s leadership in 24Seven Wellness and Living gives us the edge over our competitors within this market. Her knowledge is unique, her caring nature takes our customer service above and beyond and her understanding of the functionality of the body no matter the age or lifestyle or sport literally launches us to providing you with natural self- help solutions that deliver unmatched results.

We stand by our products 100% and our continued education beyond the purchase means that 24Seven Wellness and Living is a brand you can trust. In fact we totally believe that 24Seven Wellness and Living’s education and products could potentially change your life!