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Secret Back Pain Cure was founded by Cheryl Alker as result of her own lower/sciatic back pain issues.

Cheryl has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for the past 30 years. During that time she has helped world-class athletes to people with hip replacements and everybody in between to achieve their specific goals. She also worked in corporate health, has lectured throughout Europe and the USA, is a health and fitness writer for many publications and has written training programs for the health and fitness industry that has been granted Continuing Education Credits with The Florida Board of Physical Therapy, the National Association of Sports Medicine, The American Council of Exercise and The National Association of Strength Training to name but a few. She has also worked with a United Kingdom Governmental backed program to train and certify exercise professionals. Working with so many people first hand gave her a huge insight into the staggering numbers of people suffering from back related issues but more importantly that back pain is indiscriminate, it can affect a world class athlete as much as it can an elderly sedentary person with a hip replacement.

Cheryl’s back pain started as a result of her first pregnancy and has been athletic all her life was shocked how debilitating the pain was but also how it affected her whole demeanor, being in constant pain caused severe depression.

Her wellness background allowed her to make educated decisions about how to relieve her sciatica and lower back pain but she soon became frustrated after finding that whilst she might get temporary relief from adjustments, medications, heat pads, massage, special pillows, the latest equipment she purchased, the pain always came back with a vengeance. Her bank balance was suffering as a result, and she was losing income with the time she was wasting making appointments and sitting in waiting rooms.

Relying on the “so-called experts” and believing the hype behind a new product or cream on the market was not providing her with the answers she was looking for;

“How can I relieve this pain?”
“How can I manage it myself?”
“How can I stop continually paying out thousands of dollars just to maintain the care”

So she turned to her extensive anatomy and physiology background, the knowledge she had gained by training in so many aspects of health and fitness and the hundreds of people she had met along the way.

Secret Back Pain Cure was born! A truly holistic and natural approach that provides you with relief from any type of back, neck or shoulder pain. Cheryl wanted a program that would provide her with a proactive approach to managing her pain. The Secret Back Pain Cure package now provides you with the same freedom that she gained and she, along with literally thousands of others are living proof that this program could potentially change your life forever!