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Secret Back Pain Cure

Secret Back Pain Cure has a proven record in the prevention and management of back, neck and shoulder pain.

The program focuses on lengthening and elongating the muscles that are causing poor joint mobility, resulting in a body able to move at it was intended; a body free from pain.

The Secret Back Pain program is safe and effective for back, neck shoulder pain sufferers.

Cheryl Alker has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years and for the past 20 years has specialized in the niche area of flexibility, core strength and postural alignment issues that cause back pain.

“I have worked with literally hundreds of back pain sufferers.  I speak with total confidence when I tell you that this program could potentially change your life.  Take a proactive approach to your back pain now – use the program, experience the results, start living your life, a life free from back pain the Secret Back Pain Cure way!”

“I now manage my back pain it doesn’t manage me” Richard – Surgeon

“After 4-6 sessions, you will notice that you feel more mobile and flexible again and that tension and pain will lessen.  And that is only the beginning!” Ulrike - Physiotherapist