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The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program

This at home program has helped literally thousands of former back pain sufferers worldwide not only to gain relief from their back pain but also to provide an approach that ensures it will never return, putting you back in control of your life.

Alker’s back pain cure program follows a specific protocol:-

Elongate the muscles that are short and tight pulling the bones out of alignment
Strengthen the core to provide an inner belt of support to the lumbar spine
Muscular re-education of the back muscles with a focused strength program

The Ultimate Back Pain Relief Program consists of three DVD’s each providing a piece of the puzzle to a pain free life.

Secret Back Pain Cure - flexibility first. Highlight the muscles that are short and tight and elongate them through a focused stretching program. Alker explains “when muscles are short and tight they draw our bones out of alignment causing poor posture, poor range of movement, poor functionality and ultimately pain and discomfort. Stretching the muscles that are responsible for drawing our bones out of alignment allows the body to sit in a more neutral position.”

Core for Life - Understanding how core strength is vital to long term relief of lower back pain is vital to your recovery. This DVD explains exactly how the core functions and how to train it affectively and safely even when you are suffering with back pain. “Adding core strength is vital to anyone with back pain” Alker explains “particularly lower back pain. Strengthening the deeper layers of our abdominal corset provides us with a natural “inner belt” giving our lumbar spine support and stability.”

Secret Back Pain Cure 2 - the third piece in the puzzle. After following the first two steps of the program your back is ready to be re-educated. This DVD takes you through a laser sharp back strengthening program that re-teaches the back muscles their role in the body providing you with a back that is strong and secure in it’s ability to brace the spine in it’s natural “S” shape. Alker explains “Due to the continual “C” shape we hold our body in when sitting at a desk, computer, driving, eating or just watching TV our back muscles have forgotten their role in the body and have been locked long, losing strength and the ability to stabilize.” This new found strength will ultimately provide you with the long term support you need to ensure your back pain is a thing of the past.