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9" Fitness Ball with FREE Pump and Travel Bag

  • 9 inches in Diameter Perfect for use in Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Core Strength and Stretching Exercises
  • Complimentary Exercise Ball Pump and Bag Provided with Your Small Exercise Ball
  • These Small Fitness Balls are Small Easy to Inflate and are Anti Burst
  • As used in 24Seven Wellness Secret Back Pain Cure and Core for Life DVD. Ideal for Anyone Suffering with Back Pain.
  • Features soft rubber surface for increased comfort for Physical Therapy and Back Pain Relief
As featured in the 24Seven Wellness & Living Secret Back Pain Cure and Core for Life DVD's. 
The circumference of the ball is 9 inches so is ideal for pilates, barre, passive stretching, strength work, physical therapy and myofascial release. 
Please note anti-burst balls do not include a valve, but rather have a plug to withstand high pressure. To allow you to pump the ball to the level of resistance you require your ball will arrive deflated, however, we do provide a complimentary pump for your convenience. 
The ball is very easily inflated in under 2 minutes and stays inflated.
We also provide detailed instructions on how to inflate the ball below and they are also sent via email
Soft durable surface for comfort. 
Anti-burst properties. 
We are delighted to also include a 24Seven Wellness & Living bag completely FREE with each purchase. The ball and pump is sent to you with the bag as your packaging, it is large enough to carry your ball with you inflated.

Instructions on how to inflate your ball:-
1.Remove the white plug-in ball 
2.Screw white nozzle provided into the end of the pump 
3. Push pump nozzle firmly into the hole 
4. Pump up until the ball until it feels very firm 
5. Quickly remove pump and re-plug with the white plug you removed earlier. 
6. Have the plug ready to put directly back in the hole or have another person ready with the plug as soon as you remove the pump. 
7. Blow the ball up a little more than you eventually want it to allow for a little escape of air whilst you put the plug back in.