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March 31, 2018 1 min read

It is no secret that I believe that I believe, amongst other things, that well-toned, healthy muscles will enable you to move with good functionality and ultimately will brace your back and joints which will prevent painful imbalances and back pain.

In times gone by our ancestors used their bodies to survive i.e. from the hunter-gatherers to the farmers of the agrarian age to the early 20th century when housewives performed far more manual tasks on a daily basis and many jobs involved hard labor.

Today’s society is dominated by convenience and automation making everyday chores far less demanding on our muscles. Hence the appearance of a gym on every street corner.

Unless you are taking part in a regular exercise program involving resistance training and stretching then you may be at risk of losing 5 pounds of muscle and gaining 10 pounds of fat for every decade after age 30.

Resistance training (strength training) causes muscles to contract against an external force. The contraction against resistance creates microtears in your muscle tissue, a catabolic breakdown of muscle. When allowed recovery time, those tiny tears are repaired and your muscles grow, a process known as anabolism. Aside from building muscles, resistance training builds bone (which also declines with age), helps lower high blood pressure, and raises metabolism.

Anyone suffering or wanting to prevent back pain should ensure they are taking part in regular resistance training and flexibility training that either involves weights, resistance bands or your own body weight.