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June 07, 2018 1 min read

There are three adductor muscles of the inner thigh. These muscles are responsible for moving the thighs toward one another i.e. toward the centerline of the body. When the adductor muscles are pulling too hard, the outer thigh muscles are fired up and are therefore forced to work too hard.

If you have adductor problems your IT band will also be too tight which will cause a burning pain on the outer knee.

When you squeeze your adductor muscles, you can pull your pelvis down and decrease pressure between the discs of your spine.

When the adductor group is too tight, too weak, or chronically in spasm, your back and the inside of your knee hurt.

Lengthening and strengthening these muscles will improve movement and reduce back and knee pain.

The larger more superficial muscles of the body are designed for movement.

Pain comes from smaller muscles absorbing too much force when the larger ones are used incorrectly or they have been forced to change their role in the body.