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April 22, 2018 3 min read

Whether you be male or female, young or old, who doesn’t want defined abs? You may be surprised to learn though that the majority of us are going about achieving this elusive goal in completely the wrong manner. So how many of you believe that doing crunches will get you the results you crave? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if you are relying on the repetition of crunch after crunch to deliver your defined six pack then I am here to tell you that it’s finally time to drop crunches from your routine because they will not deliver your desired end result.

Before I qualify the above statement let me first explain that, you cannot spot reduce belly fat by performing crunches or any other exercise. Secondly, before you think about exercises for your abs you should hit the treadmill.

Development of muscle can only be seen when body fat is low, so a high intensity fat burning exercise routine is a must together with reducing the amount of fat in your diet. Losing body fat has its’ own drawbacks though so be careful you don’t go too low. If it comes between a defined six pack and your health, take the second option every time. While the average body fat percent in the United States and Europe is increasing, extremely low body fat percent is also a health problem causing loss of reproductive function, nutrient deficiencies, increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis for starters.

Why No More Crunches?

I think it’s important to discuss the drawbacks of crunches. As previously mentioned you cannot spot reduce with one exercise and more importantly, in my opinion, crunches don’t really qualify as an effective abdominal exercise. Our abdominal muscles are part of core muscles that are meant to stabilize your body and keep your spine straight. Crunches involve the exact opposite movement, whereby you flex your spine and “crunch” at your back’s weakest point. This puts more strain on your lower back and your posture suffers.

So What Are The Most Effective Exercises to Develop Your Abs?

I have developed a core strength program that delivers outstanding results. After all, we’ve all heard about it. We’ve all read about it. We all know we should be working it! 

But do you actually know what is it? Where is it? What Benefit will it be to you if you do? I literally answer all of these questions and more. I unravel the mysteries of achieving a powerful and stable core, so you are able to enjoy life with a strong and healthy back, improved posture and superior levels of balance and strength. 

My teaching methods are clear and concise making the program easy to follow whether you have a fitness background or not. Using muscle diagrams you are given an in depth insight to exactly how to isolate these vital group of muscles. 

I use small, precise movements that focus attention, and her use of clear illustrations helps you to focus your attention in the right place. 

My program introduces a very unique method called the “internal lift” which teaches you how to pull your stomach in to make a wall. You will achieve a leaner and more defined waistline. 

  • Learn how to strengthen from the inside out and develop each layer of the abdominal muscles. 
  • If you thought you knew how to access and strengthen this vital group of muscles, think again. 
  • The Core for Life DVD is essential for people of all ages. 
  • From Office workers to top athletes. 
  • It is a vital tool for anyone suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain.
  • The DVD is 70 minutes long – 10 min intro, 15 mins explaining how to incorporate the incredible “internal lift” into your every day life and a 45 min workout.

All of this information is detailed in my Core for Life DVD, a digital download is also available.