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May 14, 2018 2 min read

Whether we like it or not, excess weight and back pain often go together. If you are suffering with back pain and haven’t addressed excess weight then no matter what you do, your chances of getting rid of the pain will be minimal.


It is a sad reality I am afraid that back pain can prevent us from exercising, one because we are often scared to irritate the problem and two, if general day to day movements are painful how could we possibly manage a workout. The lack of exercise and continual pain lead us to  sedentary lifestyles and bad eating habits and so the excess weight is just a bi-product of the issue, but the “bi-product” soon becomes part of the cause.  It really is a vicious circle.


We all have a baseline metabolism that creates a template from which we must work. You are born with a genetic code that directs your body to operate at a comfortable pace, called a set point and this is why some people just don’t gain weight as fast as others. However, you do have control of about 10 to 15 percent of your metabolism through natural means. Therefore, if you are naturally burning 3,000 calories a day, a 10 percent increase of 300 calories a day adds up to 109,500 additional calories burned in a year. With no other factors present, this increase can translate to more than 30 pounds of lost weight in a year.


Regular exercise is a great way to increase your metabolic rate so you have to try and find something that you can do. My suggestion is to start with a flexibility program. Now flexibility alone will not kick start your metabolism but you need to start somewhere as building trust between exercise and you is key. Jumping on a treadmill or lifting heavy weights when you have not exercised for some time is a path to disaster and failure which will lead you straight back to the couch. So start slow, find a controlled flexibility program and you will soon notice that the increased range of motion will reduce many of your symptoms, this initial success will then hopefully give you the confidence to maybe move onto other types of exercise that will give you long term relief.


My DVD Secret Back Pain Cure is a pure flexibility program specifically designed for back pain sufferers.